Paycation vs World Ventures 2016

Paycation vs World Ventures 2016

Paycation vs World Ventures 2016

hi this is Andy coming to you live from and today I want to take you through the major differences between paycation vs world ventures.

So by the end of this video you will have had a very clear understanding between the two companies and most of all why I chose one company over the other.

Disclaimer: this quick presentation is not about putting down any company “under the bus”

As an online network marketer I do understand that although I am self employed I do not own any of the mlm companies I have promoted in the past. In as much as you love your company products and whatever they stand for if you catch this basic understanding you will be free to make a decision that is not emotionally attached.

So let’s get started;

I will first start with worldventures

What is WorldVentures?
• Luxury Travel Club wrapped up with a Business Opportunity
How does it operate?
• Through DreamTrips Built around Experiences which passes Savings to club members they also have a Rovia Booking Engine
So Whats the Hook?
• You can either be a club member only and enjoy the benefits of the club or get involved as a rep with the Business Opportunity Or do both
Startup Price for WorldVentures
• Club Member only $200 one off + $50 monthly paid back into travel pot for gold membership. there is the platinum option which offers more luxury. OR business opportunity only for $100 + $20 monthly

What is Paycation?
A travel company and brand that allows the average person to get involved in the travel industry as a certified travel agent also wrapped up in a Business opportunity

How does Paycation Operate?
it operates through PriceLine affiliate program and runs a booking engine

So Whats the Hook with Paycation?

Start as a certified travel agent with the upgrade option to add on the business opportunity.

How much is Paycation
Certified Travel Agent – $79.95 + $69.95 monthly to be a certified travel agent Or for a further $20 for Business opportunity

Why I chose WorldVentures over Paycation
• Simplicity – compensation plan, membership
• Leadership – founders’ vision (make a living living, creating more lasting experiences). Some key leaders quitting paycation, more breakages and companies emerged from paycation, not heard in 18months
• Leverage – benefit from team effort even from upline
• The Worse case Scenario – book a trip and quit
• No Autoship after 4 memberships sold
• Just a Hunch!

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