Welcome to Fairy Ring Magic Academy!! 🍄 Magic School 🌟 APPventures

Welcome to Fairy Ring Magic Academy!! 🍄 Magic School 🌟 APPventures

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  1. Too funny…I just saw this in the Play Store the other day as I was scrolling through to kill some time 😛 The adventures remind me of sending heroes off in Dungeon Village (yay Kairosoft!) and Ever Oasis (have you tried that on your own yet? It's a 3DS game where, yes you battle, but you also grow shops and your own oasis and protect it from evil…and you can also grow plants! Probably has a bit of a Rune Factory feeling…but it's not the exact same. There's a demo in the eShop…if I remember correctly, it mostly shows off exploring and battling instead of the pull at the heart strings story). And I agree…Ashley needs some pants…or at least a longer skirt! Thanks for giving me an idea of what this game is like!

  2. Heey Seri also loved the hamster one 🙂 im a pro at Fishdom now, also very fun game, theirs a bejeweled version of ghost town now (the game you tryed for Halloween) its called ghosttown: mystery match 😉

  3. Oof while I was watching this I was humming the chainsmokers and was twiddling my fingers and I accidentally put my middle finger up. OOPS

  4. If you could name owls i would call them Earl, Hedwig, and Pig 😀

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