Walmart Caught Sharing Shoppers’ Personal Data With Facebook

Walmart Caught Sharing Shoppers’ Personal Data With Facebook

Facebook has become a behemoth in the technology world, and it is an empire built primarily off of our personal data. And it seems that the company will stop at nothing to get their hands on your data, even if they have to get other massive corporations to get it from you. That’s what a new class action lawsuit is claiming, as Walmart has found itself facing litigation for giving your personal information over to Facebook. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this with Scott Hardy from Top Class Actions. For more on this issue, click here –

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Este post tem 50 comentários

  1. Walmart app may be talking to FB, but I don’t have any social media accounts.

  2. Isn't this what trump signed into law last year? Making it easier for corporations to do so without your consent.

  3. Glad I don't shop at Wally world. SHOP LOCALLY! Support your neighbors! Fuck corporations!

  4. Thx for this ha bisky vid love you all

    Not surprising and why you just troll the way I do and make sure to buy things for others when I buy things for myself so nobody knows what is for me or others

  5. I gave Mark the benefit of the doubt about Cambridge but he and Facebook just cannot keep their noses out of the dirt. Here we go again, more abuse of user trust. And this isn't even the only thing they're being accused of either at this very moment. You'd think after the Cambridge P.R. nightmare, Mark would be trying to do everything he can to save the image of his badly damaged company but I guess not!

  6. The way it's described here shows that the situation will end up a little alarming, because it's another case where a small bit of The Public's rights are going to end up being sneakily taken from them. …and all these small Rights Removals gradually add up to most of The Publics rights removed in the new world they're entering, the much more fascist nineteen eighty-four looking world Dictator Trump/the Duopoly Rapepublican Clown car / Fascist Duopoly are leading us to. ….all because The US Public are even now still fast asleep, not sticking up for the US, The Constitution and US Law. The Genocidal Israeli cuckoo in the nest, getting fat, helping the False Patriots defend its nest leadership.

  7. Doesn't matter to me. Advertising doesn't work on me. If anything, it turns me against the products. I don't need advertising to tell me what I like. I'm surprised advertising still exists. It seems pointless since so many are much savvier shoppers. I see advertising as the greasy salesman. It's a complete turnoff!

  8. I'm not in favor of this conversation format, just saying. It's kinda awkward if the host, who supposedly knows less than the guest, starts talking like he does. Just let the host tell it to us straight like in the normal format.

  9. Will people cancel their FaceBook? NO! Nor will people close their accounts with Twitter that allows Trump to threaten and spread his hate!

  10. Hah! Joke's on them since I don't use or patron either of these two shitty businesses.

  11. This is what Elon Musk is saying about hating google for their doing this. I quit Facebook, Twitter, and instagram.

  12. Glad I don't buy stuff online. I thought at first it was about Walmart selling my credit cards info.

  13. lifelog is everywhere and you all dont see it, dont know it, and likely wont even believe it

  14. It’s worse than this. Turn off your microphones unless you are actively using them. They record your conversations for advertizing data. This is not a conspiracy, but a fact.

  15. Even Amazon is doing it and Instagram I go on look at something than Facebook shows it.

  16. The fines are just a drop in the bucket of profits, it's the cost of doing business now, part of the new business model.

  17. Ok then, so now what happens to them? I'll tell ya what… absolutely fuckin nothing as usual!

  18. Walmarts shopping survey was collecting a lot of information that had nothing to do with your shopping experience and everything to do with digging out sensitive information they had no business even asking.

  19. Off topic question. Does anyone know how long you have to watch a video before it's credited as a view?

  20. Innate to be an ass, but WHY does this surprise anyone?!?
    You can tell by simply PAYING ATTENTION ffs.

  21. Just deleted all my google and phone history XD

  22. what do you expect farron corporations run the world and have been for the last 200 or so centuries

  23. Another reason America is a Corporate Plutocracy.

  24. well then after the first time they've been busted for it and they pay a small fine they're warned that the next time they do it the fine will equal the Harvest! That'll stop em!

  25. Damn!
    I happened to be at the Service Desk of our brand new Wal Mart and saw the appeal to get the app.
    I declined and wondered how this convenience would be used against the consumer.
    Thanks for answering the question.

  26. I have a Facebook account. I don't use it tho. Only thing I ever really post is some stupid memes. The app is on my phone but not by choice. Stupid bloatware that I can't remove.

  27. If you have never opened an account with fbk,.. Don't do it… We are on a process of Deactivating the Acct…

  28. How about having a conversation with a medical professional and then getting an add for the topic discussed about your private medical information? I took a screen shot because I literally couldn’t believe what I was seeing… no privacy, and I think it’s actually more like cyber stalking…. HIPPA?

  29. The fines need to be much, much steeper. Are the fines being kept low (in comparison to profit) to appease corporations ?

  30. I see things like that all the time and I understood it to be because of cookies that the websites use

  31. i know it may be hard for some? But try not to shop at these wicked Wal-Mart stores. Hurt them in the pockets. i never shop or ever will support Martial Law aka Wal-Mart.

  32. Why is it that every time I hear a story involving Facebook I find myself glad that I've never had a Facebook account?

  33. I was surprised one day when I came home from shopping, and I did shop at WalMart that day and there was a text asking me how I liked my experience at WalMart.

  34. People have to blame themselves when they visit a website and they use the option to login with Facebook or Google credentials instead of creating a new account.
    If one website is compromised all the websites you use that information at is also at risk, including credit cards, passwords and mailing addresses. Face it people are too lazy to use different passwords at each site they visit. I personally use software called LastPass to create highly secure unique passwords for each site I visit.

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