Texas Cease And Desist For AWS Mining Pyramid Scheme

Texas Cease And Desist For AWS Mining Pyramid Scheme

study claims EOS sucks, texas cease and desist order for AWS, and israeli central bank considers national E-Shekel

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  1. I feel what you are saying is wrong. Have you taken time research AWS mining. It is not pyramid scheme. Research the videos where you see the videos of the mining farms.

  2. Don't they inflate supply and give it to node operators to pay for the services. Semmes like any other fiat

  3. Now EOS has to respond to this study that was funded by Ethereum supporters.

  4. Great minds think alike man… I never liked EOS or cloud mining, and a "fedcoin" is an absurdly stupid idea. Oh – and keep calling out those MLM shills. Thanks!

  5. EOS raises 4 billion and passes development to the community 😂😂 if it quacks like a scam…

  6. it'll be called central banking: lite – ya know like diet pop? same great taste and the like…. but all the shit they put in it to make that happen is like death for you – so yeah digital national currency: same greaT taste, with eminent and permanent financial servitude built in , kthnxbaaaai! lol 😂

  7. If only there was a national coin that ran on the EOS network and was cloud minable

  8. Yes I removed my videos for such reasions as here as for any affiliate referals i only had 5 referals which were only my friends. Thank you for atleast getting this story somewhat closer told than most…

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