Meteor Storm (Full Movie) natural disaster in San Francisco

Meteor Storm (Full Movie) natural disaster in San Francisco

A meteor shower turns San Francisco into a battle zone when the massive fiery rocks begin bombarding the city. The fate of the world hangs in the balance as astronomer Michelle Young tries to determine what is causing the seemingly targeted strikes.

Director: Tibor Takacs
Stars: Michael Trucco, Kari Matchett, Kirsten Prout
Rated TV-14

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  1. this is maybe just a movie but the way of the status of this human earth hey who could not know what s going to happened next . I like this movie is some thing to think about next time you look at the star at night who knows you may see something that your never seen before ! comments from Genia Beaufort SC USA !

  2. Tom is an emergency manager and the only thing he does is run around saving his own family

  3. Thanks for the entertainment was just a nice way to spend an hour listening while I folded laundry

  4. Kari Matchett is way to beautiful. shes like light. light from which no mortal deserves to behold.

  5. This actually happened in the colonial era in Maine USA. A small island and A part of the coast were pelted by stones from the sky for several days. A blogger Aron Mahnke examines the records in one of his Lore podcasts. There are written records, and lots of rocks remaining.

  6. Great film, and great CGI.  Either the CGI was good, or Frisco is gone !

  7. Good stuff, especially if you have any education in astronomy or meteorology, but seriously, I love how around 18 minutes in the doc sits down at the monitor and boom, total mapping of the whole situation right down to a schedule of 3 waves.

  8. Thanks uploader a classic. Imagine that happening now in SF. you'd be tripping over junkies and stepping in poo and needles. Jeez they never thought of writing that into the movie. Speaking of space how fitting Gov. Moonbeam fits right in.

  9. My dad used to say all the time “I need that like I need a hole in the head!”

  10. yeah right. 10 minutes into the movie when the meterors start hitting the grouund they ran under a porch thinkking the porch roof will protect them. It will be like an 30-06 round going throught a notenook paper

  11. Ok I can't watch this, I hate the sound of morto cycles and I have a feeling this is going to be throughout the entire movie someone tell me I'm wrong.

  12. those meteors are not coming from a radiant point in the sky lol

  13. First it was evening then all of a sudden it was the middle of the day. Where was the Continuity Editor? I found it so unbelievable that I couldn't stand to watch it.

  14. I made it to 33:49 and would rather watch paint dry. Another disaster film with no original storyline . Outside the fact that the poor teenager who actually gets hit by one is passed off from one able adult to get him to a hospital to another and still walking around injured nobody actually helps this kid since the movie started. It wouldn't matter what city in America it was raining metors this is boring and after watching enough end of the world disaster movies you grow weary and can fill in the blanks of what is going to happen next so moving on. thanks for the upload always great sound and visual with Popcornflix

  15. Pretty good movie. I cheered in my room when they blew the sucker up! Yahoo! †

  16. Pretty cool movie. I don't understand tho, if that woman was going to the hospital to help others, why did she tell that injured boy to go home instead of taking him to the hospital? She was going there. ???? ODD

  17. Sorry but the writers must not have re-read the story before going to production cause there's discrepancies throughout the whole movie especially when martial law is supposedly declared yet there's people jogging on the street. Good movie though.

  18. i love this movie but why didnt the woman just climb out the car window? she could of made it off the bridge

  19. The actors were good, and it was a decent movie. Thanks Popcornflix, for making my day a little better.

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